Wednesday 30 January 2013

Welcome to my new blog! This is all very new to me and not something I would have done before, but things are changing and I wanted to be able to show of my creations. Hopefully they will inspire you to create things for yourself, if they don't then hopefully you'll find something nice to look at, at the very least lol.

I wanted to start by showing you a card that I made yesterday for a daily challenge that I try to take part in most days. It's from a kit purchased from and it's designed by the very talented Sandie Burchall, it's called Vintage Ladies Cameo Surprise 3D Card Kit for anyone that would like to purchase the kit. I think it's beautiful, although forgive me if my photography isn't up to the standard it could be.

The first photo shows the front of the card, the other the card when it's open. The card is simply made by printing off the sheets supplied in the kit and assembling them following the very comprehensive instructions supplied, but I think the end results are stunning.